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"Ma te mahi ngatahi, ka tu pakari te matauranga"
"Together, We Learn and Achieve"

Welcome to Postgate School

What a fantastic way to finish the school year!  Special thanks to Leilani and Imani for leading today's assembly.

Elyssa, Jessica, Asher, Elizabeth and Kahurangi would like to thank everyone for their support for their recent SPCA Bake Sale Fundraiser.  A grand total of $391.20 has been donated to the SPCA.  Fantastic work everyone!

Thank you for all your support and care for our school during 2018.

We look forward to seeing again in the new year.  2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Postgate with many new ventures/opportunities on offer for our children.

On behalf of everyone at Postgate School, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  

Please take good care of our children over the holidays.  

Take care and "be kind to yourself" and others.  

Homai ra!

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May the spirit of love go with you,

May love go behind you, to encourage you,

May love be beside you, to befriend you,

May love be above you, to watch over you,

May love be beneath you, to lift you from your sorrows,

May love be within you, to give you the gifts of faith, hope, and happiness,

May love radiate out of you to be a beacon for others in their time of need 

and finally may love always be before you, to show you the way

"Ma te mahi ngatahi, ka tu pakari te matauranga"

"Together, We Learn and Achieve"
Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi Engari, he toa takitini; 
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many

Nga mihi
Adam Campbell
Postgate School

Deputy Principal 2019

Ahiahi marie

Last weekend an appointments committee met and interviewed two applicants for the vacant Deputy Principal's position.

We are pleased to announce that Kelvin Harper has been appointed to the position of Deputy Principal at Postgate School.  Kelvin will share the Deputy Principal role and the teaching responsibilities of Room 5 with Asmita Rama.

Kelvin joins us from Newtown School where he has been a Deputy Principal and has taught all year levels from Year 1 through to Year 8.  

Unfortunately for Kelvin, he plays rugby for Poneke which may cause some rivalry with the many Norths and ParaPlim rugby families at Postgate School.

We wish Kelvin all the best for the rest of his year at Newtown School and look forward to him joining Team Postgate in 2019.

The 2018 Year  8 Award Winners

 Top Girl- Tatiana Mareko

Top Boy- Alex Stanley

Postgate Service to School- Paul-Isaac Gibson & Lorelei Pauga

Excellence Pasifika Award- Allyana Lokeni

Excellence Maori Award- Jewelle Mao

Top Sports Boy- Troy Moana

Top Sports Girl- Tatiana Mareko

Numeracy- Serenity Suailua

Literacy-Uryah Kennar

Performing Arts- Sophie Taylor Edwards

Leslie Duncan ( Most improved in Literacy)- Eseta Aiulu

Congratulations to all our Year 8 students. As always Postgate is very lucky to have fantastic role models and leaders for our school and community. 

We wish you all the best in the years to come.

Te Ao, ko to koutou

The world is yours


Our Mission

To Create Life-Long Learners


  Supporting Statement

We will promote life-long learning in our children by
developing their social, intellectual, emotional and
physical skills in a creative and caring environment.