Welcome to Postgate School

Main Events 

Parent Information Evening
All families are invited to come along to our Information Evening on Wednesday evening, 6pm in our school hall. Please bring your children, they can kick around in the playground or sit with you in the hall.

BOT members, parents and staff will share with you the various programmes/opportunities available to you/for you to get involved in. Programmes such as Te Whanau Kaitiaki, Pasifika Advisory Group, Fundraising Committee, Reading Together, Early Reading Together, Maths Homework Club, Phonics Programme, SPRING into Maths Intervention, sports and ... Please, for your child and their school to be successful we need your input.

After this session your children will take you to their classrooms to meet their teachers where Syndicate Team Leaders will share with you class programmes and the importance of collaboration between home and school. If you have children in different areas of the school, you will need to choose which classroom you visit for this session. Afterwards you will be able to meet all other teachers of your children.

It is important that at least one parent from each family attends this evening.
School Picnic
School Picnic, Friday 24th February: On Friday the 24th all of Postgate School will be at
Waikanae Pool for our School Picnic. A separate notice went home last week, seeking permission and informing you of all the details. Last year we had a record turnout of parents enjoying the pool and each other’s company. We have booked an additional bus for parents so please join us if you can.


Term 1 2017:  School Picnic, Family Merit Assembly, Athletics Day ( Yr 4-8) , Life Education, School Disco