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There may be some parents who are surprised to read that on Monday 12th December Postgate School is holding their Cultural Evening at Te Rauparaha Arena starting at 6:30pm; for the vast majority of parents, you already know this and are well organised.

Key information for you and your child:

Children are to arrive at the Arena between 5:50pm and 6:05pm. Please, no earlier or no later.

There will be a small handful of Senior pupils who will need to be there by 5:30pm; no one else.

Children who arrive early will have to wait outside the Arena; there will be no staff supervision.

All children must arrive at the Arena in their outfit. They will bring this home with them

Monday after school. At the conclusion of the evening the children will go home with their

outfits on and all children MUST return their uniform to school in the plastic bag it went home

in on Tuesday.

Girls are required to have their hair in a ‘bun’; if possible.


 We’d like to take this opportunity to thanks people who have been working hard behind the scenes to make our Cultural Evening possible: Te Rehia Matthews, Liz Cherrington, Lizzy Rahi, Menime Aiulu, Tepua Amaru, Vai Ioane, Wini Baxter, Kea Suailua, Lanah and Natasha , Helen Kisona, Eunice Pedro, Fredwyn, Ruby, Ed Tuitapa and the Porirua College drummers and all the staff at Postgate School.

Term 4 2016:  Family Merit Assembly, End of Year Reports, Leavers Dinner and Leavers Assembly